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Do you want to start with your scooter driving license?

Get your scooter driver’s license safely and quickly

✅ High success rate

✅ Driving lessons of 60 min.

✅ Rating of 9.8

✅ Flexible lesson times

Get your scooter license within 1 day!

Getting on a scooter or moped soon? Get your scooter driver’s license in 1 day. We have a unique teaching method that allows you to pass immediately, which is why 99% recommends us.
From the age of sixteen you can drive a scooter, moped or light moped. You need an AM driving license to drive these vehicles. You can take moped and scooter driving lessons in Delft and the surrounding area at Concept traffic school. Whether you want to get your moped license or scooter license, you’ve come to the right place. Traffic school Concept is the perfect driving school if you want to learn to drive well.

Why choose for Driving school CONCEPT?

✅ A guaranteed high quality of the driving lessons

✅ A unique and very effective teaching method

✅ Every driving lesson the same, well-qualified instructors

✅ 99% recommends us. The best in the region !

✅ No waiting list, so start lessons right away

✅ No extra costs for lessons on weekends

✅ High success rate of 99%

✅ In short: TRAFFIC SCHOOL CONCEPT, certainly a succes!

€ 360,-
4 lessons (60 minuten)
exam within 3 weeks
1x practical exam
incl. online theory
Day course (group)
€ 385,-
5 lessons (60 minuten)
exam within 3 weeks
1x practical exam
incl. online theory
€ 540,-
7 lessons (60 minuten)
exam within 3 weeks
1x practical exam
incl. Herexamen
incl. online theory
Individual driving lesson € 40,-

Costs for the final exam at CBR including costs for scooter and driving exam € 184.95

* Price changes reserved



You can book the moped theory exam yourself at the CBR or have it booked by the Traffic School. You can do it from the moment you are 15.5 years old. You get 50 questions, of which you must get 44 correct. You will receive the exam result immediately with a brief explanation of the questions that have been answered incorrectly. The theory certificate is valid for 1.5 years.

When you have passed your practical exam, you can go to your own municipality on the next working day to apply for your moped driving license. At your municipality it will be registered in the computer that you have passed your scooter driving license. Therefore, bring valid identification, passport photos and money.

scooter rijbewijs delft

What requirements do you have to meet to get your scooter driving license in the Delft area?

From the age of 15.5 you can take your theory exam, but you are not allowed to hit the road yet. Are you 16 or older? Then you can drive a moped or scooter, provided you have of course obtained your AM driving license. You will receive this AM driving license after a successfully completed theory and practical exam. Traffic school Concept in the Delft area, gives you the necessary guidance that is fully geared to your learning curve and goals, so that you can get your scooter license in one go.

Unique teaching method with very high success rate

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