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Get a BE driving license in 1 day

BE Driving License – Car with Trailer

Get your BE driving license directly in 1 day

✅ High success rate

✅ BE Driving License in 1 day

✅ No theory exam

✅ Flexible lesson times

Best and nicest traffic school in Delft and the surrounding area

In many cases, with a larger trailer you will soon be on the maximum towing weight of the car or on the maximum weight of the combination car with trailer of 3500 kg. Certainly when transporting a boat, horse trailer or caravan, the BE driving license is often required. The BE driving license can therefore be useful when you go on holiday with a caravan or want to pull a heavy trailer. At Traffic School Concept it is possible to purchase individual driving lessons as well as packages. Read on for more information about obtaining the trailer driving license in Delft..

✅ A guaranteed high quality of the BE driving lessons

✅ A unique and very effective teaching method

✅ Every driving lesson the same, well-qualified instructors

✅ No theory exam, passed in 1 day

✅ No waiting list, so start lessons right away

✅ No extra costs for lessons on weekends

✅ High success rate of 98%

✅ In short: TRAFFIC SCHOOL CONCEPT, certainly a succes!



Package 1
€ 599,90
6 driving lessons
Registration CBR
Administration costs
Costs for use of car and trailer
(Training possible in 1 day)
Package 2
€ 799,90
9 driving lessons
Registration CBR
Administration costs
Costs for use of car and trailer
(Training possible in 2 days)

Single driving lesson trailer € 65,-
A driving lesson of 60 minutes only costs € 65,- and it is only possible to schedule a minimum of two lessons in a row.

BE driver training is always unique

To obtain your BE driving license, you must have a valid B driving license. Obtaining a BE driving license only consists of practical training. This means that you do not have to obtain a theory certificate separately, so that the training is relatively short. If you do not have a B driving license, we can put together a nice package for you with which you can get your B and BE driving license.

You can get your trailer driver’s license in different ways. You can opt for individual lessons or you can opt for an emergency training. The emergency training is interesting for employees or employers who want / have to get the BE driving license quickly in order to be able to drive with a trailer that is heavier than 750 kg.

Following your BE driver training is always tailor-made. During the intake we can see what your experiences are. As a result, the total driving training for obtaining the BE driving license varies per person. We will of course ensure that you get your trailer driving license as soon as possible.

Unique teaching method with very high success rate

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